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Bio Green Land is a General Trading company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have established longer and closer working relationship with our clients and suppliers not only providing immediate and reliable service to continously exceed expectations and goals.

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Agricultural Machineries

What Makes Us Special

Packaging & Storage

At Bio Green Land General Trading using  the standard materials for packaging and storage to protect the products for distribution.

Safety & Quality

 Using  the standard materials for packaging and storage to protect the products for distribution to reach your place safe.

Care for Environment

Our packaging can be reusable and use state of the art material

Commodities Import & Export

Since 1999 Bio Green Land General Trading specializes in the field of Export & Import through different countries mainly  Ethiopia, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Brunei, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates. Our company has a wide expertise in agribusiness, We purchases of tons of agricultural products, In Addition to their sale and distribution.

Since 2019, Bio Green Land General Trading has integrated the most extensive fertilizer import network and represents the largest producer.

Import and Export

Ethiopia,  Russia,  USA,  Netherlands,  Brunei,  Indonesia, 

United Arab Emirates, Qatar

What Our

Customer Saying

"I have known Bio Green Land for over a year-both professionally and personally-and can attest to his fine qualities, as well as his outstanding international perspective and experience.
I have been extremely pleased with Bio Green Land General trading, in terms of the number of products available for trading, ease and speed of use, as well as the reliability.
Mr Ali
I have been a client of Bio Green Land General trading for over the last year. I have found the manager and his company to be competent, capable, knowledgeable, I would Highly Suggest
John Mackinly
General manager